8 things to do with your dried flowers

8 ways to get creative with dried flowers.

Have you recently been gifted a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers? If so, you might already be worried about witnessing these blossoms wilt and decay, which can be extremely disheartening. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which you can preserve your flowers so that they retain their colour and form. 

Pressing and drying flowers has been a popular pastime for centuries. Moreover, dried flowers can be utilised to create captivating works of art that showcase their true beauty. Although crafting with fresh flowers can be fun and inspiring, such projects have a short lifespan due to the flowers wilting after only a couple of days. This is why we recommend using dried and pressed flowers, as they can last for a number of years, making them the perfect treasured keepsake, particularly if you are using flowers that hold sentimental value.  

If you are in need of some inspiration for ways you can get creative and decorative with your dried flowers, we have listed 8 of our favourite projects you can take on to shake up your home interior. 

Framed pressed flower art

One of the easiest craft projects, to begin with, is framed-pressed flower art. This is because you hardly need to do anything in order for the blossoms to look amazing, as they do a majority of the work on their own. They can look as minimalist or maximalist as you like, and they are super easy to put together. 

All you have to do is get already pressed flowers, or press them yourself by placing them between the pages of a very heavy book (bear in mind this process can take a couple of days, so plan ahead!) Then you will want to arrange your flowers on a piece of backing card, and place them into a clear frame to hang on your wall or to place on your desk! If you are wanting to create a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member, you could add a little more personalisation to it - maybe try arranging your flowers in the shape of their initial, or press a variety of their favourite flowers!


If you are planning on hosting a garden party or family event then you may wish to make some colourful, eco-friendly confetti using dried flower petals! This simple decor piece can really help to build the atmosphere and aesthetic of your gathering. Not only is this more environmentally friendly than store-bought confetti, but it also makes for an easy cleanup, as the petals can simply be left outside when the party's over - obviously, you can also keep them for the next time you host, as they are long-lasting and won’t wilt beforehand!

Gift topper

If you are looking to add a unique detail to your gift wrapping, then you could try attaching a small bouquet of dried flowers or foliage. All you need to do is wrap your gift in some string, then place your small dried bouquet on top of the string, and tie it with a secure knot to keep them firmly in place. This is a perfect idea for special occasions like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, to add an extra touch of love to your gift! 

Dried flower resin coasters

A slightly more advanced project would be creating dried flower resin coasters. They make for an easy and fun handmade gift for you or your loved ones and are even better when made with friends or family. Not only this, but they can help to keep your coffee table stain-free, whilst adding a beautiful touch of nature to your living room. 

Top tip: be cautious when creating anything using resin, and make sure you take steps to keep yourself and your family protected from harm. If you aren’t a fan of resin, maybe you could try creating wood-pressed flower coasters - this guide by The Crafted Life takes you through a step-by-step process of how to achieve this. 

Dried flower bouquet

The most common way people utilise dried flowers in their homes is by simply displaying and arranging them into a vase. This is perfect for anyone who wishes to keep their flowers as close to their natural state as possible, as when arranged, they will hold their colour and form. 

Over on our TikTok, we take you through the step-by-step process of our preferred method of drying out flowers. Once you have done this for yourself, you will then be able to arrange your flowers in any way you choose - remember to trim down the stems of your flowers in order for your bouquet to maintain your preferred shape. 

Of course, if you don’t want the hassle of arranging your own flowers, at The Last Bunch we have a variety of pre-arranged beautiful dried flower bouquets for you to choose from!

Dried flower wreath

If you have a large number of dried flowers you want to use in an art project, then maybe creating a dried flower wreath would be the ideal fit for you. This is a perfect craft choice as you can make it as simple or as detailed as you wish. Either buy a premade wreath base at a craft store, or fashion your own using branches in your garden, and simply start entwining your dried stems unless the entire base is covered. You can either use glue to ensure your flowers remain in place, or simply twist them through the branches until they are secure. No matter what types of flowers you use, a homemade wreath is sure to look stunning on your front door!

Dried flower crown

If you are attending a festival, or simply are looking for a craft idea to do with your friends and family, then creating your own dried flower crowns would be the way to go! You have free reign over your design choices, meaning you can make as big an impact as you wish! Either way, your flower crown is sure to come out looking beautiful! 

Tip: For a unique look, try adding touches of greenery to add depth to the vibrant colours of the flowers. 

Dried flower garland

Are you someone who would prefer your flowers retain their shape and colour, but are still looking for a unique way to utilise them in your home? Then creating dried flower garland might be the ideal pick for you! 

Simply find a long stick or branch to use as the base, and tie your flowers upside down using string onto it. You can then hand this on your wall to add a touch of nature to your living room or any space within your home. As the dried flowers are long-lasting they can be kept in your home for many years, and you can even switch up what flowers you hang depending on the season.

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