Can rabbits eat dried flowers?

Bunnies love to eat flowers, but what about the dried variety? Discover the ins and outs of edible dried flowers for rabbits.

Pet rabbits tend to nibble on anything they can get their hands on, including things we might not want them to.

With a diet of hay, grass, and leafy plants, the question is, can rabbits eat dried flowers? And should you be worried if your bunny takes a bite of your bouquet? Let’s hop right into it.

Can rabbits eat dried flowers?

Eating flowers is normal for rabbits, and plenty of common flowers taste delicious to them, so don’t be surprised if your bunny tries to snack on the ones nearby.

Dried flowers are no exception. They aren’t just a great treat for yourself, your friends, or your loved ones. Dried flowers are a great addition to a rabbit’s regular hay feed as a tasty treat. Many of which provide vital minerals and vitamins to rabbits. 

In fact, you can purchase dried flowers specifically for rabbits, and you can make your own by hanging out safe flowers to dry at home.

The only real challenge is figuring out which types of flowers are tailor-made for your furry pal. Read on to find the safest flowers for your bunny.

12 edible dried flowers for rabbits


Marigolds are excellent flowers to support digestive health in small animals. This flower accelerates the healing of bruises and aids the slow improvement of wounds, ulcers, and skin diseases.

There are different types of marigolds, so before giving them to your bunny, search online to check which type is safest.

We found that calendula petals are safe and okay for your bunny. But strong French marigolds might irritate the skin, and marsh marigolds are toxic.


Can rabbits eat dried chamomile flowers? In short, yes! Chamomile acts as a natural pain relief. It can provide a calming effect to a bunny, helping them handle their nerves.


A dandelion is one of the best flowers out there for small herbivores and is imperative in a healthy bunny’s diet.

Often regarded as a superfood, this incredible but very small flower supports blood purification, and bladder infections and reduces inflammation and blood purification. A dandelion also improves the milk flow of nursing rabbits.

Common daisy

A daisy might not be massively nutritious, but they are completely safe and non-toxic to bunnies.

Rabbits can consume the entire plant, including the stem, leaves, and roots, as it provides extra protein to their diet.


Add a little sunshine to your rabbit’s day by feeding them a sunflower. It’s a superb supplement, and the leaves contain essential Vitamin E and selenium which acts as antioxidants.

A dried or fresh sunflower helps protect against blood diseases and some cancers in rabbits. But it is still essential you give this as a treat in moderation, particularly the seeds, given they are high in fat and might cause digestive problems.


Lavender is a herb that is perfectly safe for rabbits to nibble as a treat.

This purple flower makes a palatable treat for your small herbivore once or twice a week.

It's important to note that a dried flower, such as lavender, with slight mould, can be dangerous for your bunny, as they have very sensitive stomachs. It might be worth investing in professionally dried herbs to avoid any risk.


A rose petal can be a very yummy treat for many rabbits, fresh or dried.

The twigs, leaves, branches, and petals are all perfectly safe for rabbits to chew on. Simply spread them in the mix of their hay and give them something yummy to forage for.

Interestingly, rabbits have a particular taste for plants in the rose family.


We often get asked “Can rabbits eat dried hibiscus flowers?”. The good news is that they can.

A small sprinkling of hibiscus is known to help support the immune system of small herbivores, and it is high in Vitamin C and rich in antioxidants too.


This plant is perfectly safe for rabbits to enjoy in small quantities. We suggest maybe a sprig or two for a treat every so often.

Although we must mention that not all rabbits enjoy the bitter flavour of rosemary, so don’t be concerned if your bunny leaves it behind.


Every part of a true jasmine plant is safe and edible for rabbits, including flowers, leaves, and stems.

Just be wary that you don’t have false jasmine as these can be more toxic to your small friend. So, before you buy, we recommend asking the seller or avoid completely if they don’t know the answer.

Buy rabbit-friendly dried flowers

Before drying your flowers or buying rabbit-friendly arrangements, look at what flowers are in your bouquet and make sure they are safe.

If you need a hand with this, you can always speak to us.

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