Do dried flowers bring bad luck?

Do dried flowers bring bad luck?

Using dried flowers as decor pieces has been a longstanding practice in the UK, with them being easily accessible on sites like Etsy. It has even started to become a trend for wedding floral arrangements! 

Flowers can hold such sentimental values, and in this way it is understandable that you would wish to dry them or press them in order to keep them for a very long time. In this way, it would be unfortunate to discover the truth behind the belief that dried flowers can bring bad luck. 

We are here to examine the origins of the belief that dried flowers bring bad luck, and make a determination on whether or not we agree with this superstition.

Origins and beliefs of dried flowers bringing bad luck

Investigating the origin of this superstition is the first place we can look to see if there is any logic to the idea that dried flowers bring bad luck. 

So let’s go…

Dried flowers are dead and therefore attract death

As with many superstitions, the idea that dried flowers bring bad luck lacks any substantial evidence. The origin of this belief likely stems from the idea that by keeping something ‘dead’, one is inviting death into their life. However, this belief is not directly interpreted as inviting literal death into the home, but rather the negative emotions and feelings associated with death.

It should be noted that this belief does not appear to be widely held. Dried flowers and plants might evoke different feelings in comparison to living plants, however this does not mean they inherently attract negative energy or bring ‘death’. In fact, usually dried flowers are used as mementos, to remember happy events or times spent with loved ones, and are displayed in the home to bring in a touch of beauty and vibrance. 

Feng Shui and Chi

Another origin of this superstitious belief comes from the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui!

Feng Shui, which translates to “wind and water”, works to align an individual with the unseen forces of energy in their surroundings - also known as Chi (qi). In this practice, it is believed that Chi is the energy that powers all living organisms, and is mainly present in the home. Strong Chi is believed to bring positive energy and help with achieving goals. Cultivating positive Chi in your home environment is essential to manifesting beneficial changes in your life. On the other hand, poor Chi is said to bring the exact opposite, and it is believed that dried flowers have poor Chi, and therefore can drain a home’s liveliness - this isn’t looking good for us. 

Luckily, there are exceptions to this rule. Rodika Tchi, a Feng Shui consultant, believes that the key to using dried flowers in your home is to keep their energy fresh. She suggests that having a sentimental connection to a dried flower, such as one kept from a loved one or special occasion, won’t be negative for your Chi. 

So, keeping that wedding bouquet, or gift from your loved one will not negatively impact your Chi, and can be kept in your home as a beautiful memento. 

Conclusion: Do we think dried flowers bring bad luck?

The problem with superstitions is that there is no actual evidence that can suggest whether something is ‘bad luck’ or not. In the case of dried flowers, there is no historical or contemporary evidence to support this superstition and it lacks logical reasoning. There also doesn’t appear to be any widespread modern belief about dried flowers attracting death or negative energies. Therefore, in our opinion, it is safe to say that keeping dried flowers as permanent decorations or mementoes in your home, will not bring you bad luck - rather it will create a vibrant and beautiful atmosphere in your living space!

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