Dried flower wedding decor

Your complete guide to dried flowers for weddings: the hottest trend right now

One look at your Instagram feed will tell you that the latest floral trend is the use of dried flowers in wedding ceremonies. Whether it’s because people have caught on to how affordable dried flowers are, or they simply idolise Mandy Moore (don’t we all), this is definitely one trend we can get behind! 

Why are dried flowers used in weddings?

There are a lot of reasons why people are choosing to use dried flowers in their wedding instead of the traditional fresh floral arrangements - both for their practicality and their attractiveness. As dried flowers don’t have to rely on seasonality to be available for any event, it means you can choose what floral arrangements you want ahead of time, and these can be stored until you need them, without deteriorating.

Dried flowers are the perfect decoration for someone who is looking for effective memento’s to keep from their big day. With only a small amount of care needed, dried flowers can last for years, making them a perfect keepsake, to look back on in years to come. What’s more, you can convert any dried flower accessories into the perfect thank you gifts to give to your wedding party - they can be reworn/reused time and time again without deteriorating (making them the perfect eco-friendly souvenir). 

How to pair dried and fresh flowers at your wedding

If you are still undecided about fully committing to an entire dried decor back list, perhaps it would be ideal for you to combine both fresh and dried flowers together. This will allow you to create unique and interesting arrangements that reflect your personal style. In order to pair dried and fresh flowers together effectively, you will need to consider both the colours and textures of the blooms, in order to create a cohesive arrangement. It may also be beneficial to consider the season, in order to achieve the perfect overall aesthetic for your ceremony. For example, a bouquet of dried lavender and fresh roses may be appropriate for a rustic summer wedding, while a mix of dried wheat and fresh eucalyptus may be more suited for a modern winter wonderland wedding. You could also incorporate other visual elements to your floral decor, including greenery, branches, foliage, or berries. Work with a florist or wedding planner to create your perfect dried and fresh flower arrangements that will add a special touch to your wedding day!

What makes dried flowers perfect for weddings?

In practical terms, there are many benefits to using dried flowers. Firstly, when bought in bulk, dried flowers are considerably cheaper in comparison to ordering fresh floral arrangements for such a large ceremony. They also last a lot longer - this means that you can keep any flowers from your big day as small mementos! It also means you can order your flowers far in advance, and not have to worry about them deteriorating, or even wilting during the day! Overall, dried flowers are a much more effective choice when it comes to an event like this, as they won’t cause you any hassle, and will instead be a beautiful reminder of one of the best days of your life!

In general, dried flowers are simply beautiful! They provide a more rustic, natural look, but can also fit a majority of different styles - so you don’t have to worry about not finding the flowers that you want, because we can guarantee there are dried flowers for everyone! Whether you have a more minimalistic disposition, or you want your big day to be a rustic boho gathering, we have it all. The best thing about them is that they are low maintenance, meaning they require absolutely zero attention on your part, leaving you to enjoy your big day to its full effect! This also means they would be the perfect alternative to the traditional boutonniere, or could even be used as a hanging installation for the overall decor of your venue. 

Are dried wedding flowers more expensive?

In comparison to fresh flowers, dried flowers are considerably more cost-effective. Although the pricing can vary depending on the type and quantity of flowers, as well as the complexity of your chosen arrangements. In general, dried flowers are a lot more durable and have a longer shelf-life than fresh flowers, meaning that they can be purchased far in advance, and do not require the same level of care and maintenance. When choosing your flower arrangements, it is important to consider your budget, and the specific needs of your wedding, as if you are looking for any rare or exotic varieties of dried flowers, these may be more expensive due to their limited availability. All in all, dried flowers, when bought in bulk, will give you the most for your money, and can be kept for years after your wedding, to look back on with fond memories.

How long will my flowers last after my wedding?

With just a small amount of care, dried flowers can last for years. This is both beneficial and practical if you decide to go down the dried flower route for your wedding, as it means that any accessories or decorations you used can be kept as lasting keepsakes, both for you and your guests. They can also be used/worn time and time again for other events or occasions. This could start a family tradition of passing down your dried flower bouquet/accessories to be used by future generations. This creates a long-lasting memory for everyone in your family.

How to use dried wedding flowers in your wedding

There are a lot of ways that you could incorporate dried flowers into your wedding decor. Traditionally, they can be used in your bridal bouquet, for both the bride and bridesmaids, however, you could also use them for your table centrepieces, or even as hanging dried flower arrangements for the reception space. One idea that we love is using dried petals to decorate your wedding aisle, either before the ceremony, or being sprinkled alongside a flower girl! Dried flowers can also be used in other elements of a wedding, such as invitations, place cards, and wedding favours. They make the perfect gift for your wedding party, as they are inexpensive and will last for many years!     

Are dried flowers a good option for a destination wedding?

Dried flowers are the ideal alternative for a destination wedding because they are a lot more durable in comparison to fresh flowers and can withstand the transportation to a different location. They are very easy to box up due to them being lightweight and are less likely to be damaged in the process. Additionally, this makes dried flowers a lot more affordable and long-lasting, as fresh flowers are often difficult to transport, especially to a different country, and aren’t likely to last in a new climate. If you are jetting off for a ceremony on a beach, any fresh flowers you use will likely wilt in the sun, meaning that by the end of the day, your decor will have turned from an elegant and romantic arrangement to something out of a horror movie! Dried flowers can be chosen far in advance, giving them ample time to be transported and prepared for your big day, and will be durable enough to survive your entire ceremony, and also be kept as small mementoes to look back on for years to come!

Are dried flowers a good choice for a wedding gift?

Are you going to a wedding soon? Perhaps you are stuck on a gift idea for the bride and groom? Getting a dried bouquet of flowers as a wedding gift is the perfect solution, as not only are they simply stunning flowers and will be a long-lasting memento for the couple to always look back on and remember their big day. 

One unique gifting idea is to get a personalised mini bouquet, which replicates the bridal bouquet! This would make the cutest gift, as it means the bride's bouquet is immortalised forever, and the couple can keep this in their home as a decor piece.

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