Dried Flowers That Smell Good

Dried flowers that smell good: a guide to the best blooms for fragrance

Whenever we shop for a new bouquet of flowers, we are normally so busy admiring the stunning appearance of them, that we forget to take in their intoxicating aroma. With a long-lasting bouquet of dried flowers, it may be ideal to consider the benefits of having a bouquet which includes more fragrant florals, so that you can bring in a beautiful aroma into your home. Read on to learn which are the best-scented dried flowers for you to perfectly scent your home with, or how to enhance the scent of your dried flowers at home.  

What dried flowers smell nice?

Even though a majority of dried flowers will no longer hold a strong fragrance, there are certain species that continue to produce beautiful aromas even after drying. These flowers are perfect to keep in your home in order to bring in a natural fragrance, and will be a long-lasting alternative to a bloom of fresh florals. 


When it comes to fragrant or colourful flowers, one of the most popular and well-known is lavender. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone, as lavender is one of the most valued scents in essential oil practices and has been known to help in reducing symptoms of many medical conditions including, insomnia, anxiety, and mood issues. Not only do they bring in a pop of colour to your home, but also provide a soothing fragrance, which can freshen up any room they are in. 


Another extremely popular fragrance, comes from the classic, and enchanting rose. Dried rose petals were used by ancient Egyptians in perfumes and oils, which is still seen today, with roses being popular in health and beauty products, and as the perfect floral decoration. Roses come in a variety of species, and in turn, can have a variety of scents. From citrusy to more musky, these scent variations are perfect for bringing a floral aroma to a space. They can be enjoyed in a dried bouquet of their own, or even placed in a small sachet and kept next to your pillow at night. 


Do dried flowers retain their scent?

Typically, dried flowers have a more natural, muted scent in comparison to fresh flowers. This is due to them being dehydrated during the drying process. However, as we have seen, there are certain types of dried flowers that do still retain a strong floral scent even after drying. If you wish to enhance the scent of your dried flowers further, you could try adding small drops of your favourite herbal oil into the bottom of your vase - think lavender, rose oil, lemon oil, chamomile or rosemary. This will give your flowers a much more vibrant aroma, and won’t cause them any damage. Avoid using any spray perfume directly onto your flowers, as this could cause your flowers to become damaged and break down. 

The benefits of having dried flowers that smell good

Dried flowers, given the proper care, will last for any length of time up to a couple of years. This is what makes them so ideal for home decor, as they are long-lasting, affordable and also eco-friendly. This is also beneficial when it comes to scenting your home. If you have a bouquet of dried flowers which either include a variation of more scented dried flowers, or have a bouquet that you have naturally enhanced with essential oils, this will be as long-lasting as the flowers themselves. This means that you can invest in a bouquet of flowers that will bring in a vibrance to your home, whilst simultaneously giving off a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance. 

How to use dried flowers that smell good

If you are looking for a way to utilise your dried flowers in a way that is unique, then it is worth considering placing your flowers into small sachets. Placing your flowers into a small sachet and keeping them around your home, is the perfect way to take advantage of their natural scent and other benefits, including aiding your health and well-being. Keeping a small sachet of dried lavender next to your pillow can help aid in any sleeping troubles you may face, including insomnia or anxiety. Or you can keep a sachet of rose petals in your linen drawer to ensure they have a fresh, floral scent for whenever you need to use them. 

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