Dried flowers vs fresh flowers for your wedding

Whether you’re planning a big lavish celebration or a small intimate affair, flowers remain an integral part of the big day. But which variety should you choose – dried flowers or fresh flowers?

There are endless possibilities when searching for your dream flower arrangements for your wedding.

From vibrant peonies and lilies to subtle, pastel white and pink roses, a wedding bouquet can be to your preference to fit your décor and personality as a couple.

But how do you pick between dried flowers and fresh flowers?

With the average couple spending £1,050 on their wedding flowers, picking the right variety is essential.

The good news is that we’ve created a quick and simple guide to help you settle the dried flowers vs fresh flowers debate.

Dried flowers vs fresh flowers for weddings

The advantages of dried flowers

Dried flowers are long-lasting

A gorgeous, dried flower bouquet can capture those special moments and give a lasting connection to a specific moment in time.

And although pictures capture the moments and memories, there’s nothing better than something physical to remind you of the day you and your partner tied the knot.

Preserved flowers are more durable

On your big wedding day, you don’t want to be worried about your flowers looking tired and wilted.

Although dried flowers are delicate, they will withstand the day and look beautiful for years.

Dried flowers can be more affordable in the long run

If you’re a budget-savvy bride, dried flowers can be a top option.

Although the cost might be higher initially, dried flowers can last many years and can be repurposed in many ways after your wedding to cherish the memories. They will even last till your one-year anniversary if they’re cared for correctly.

They’re eco-friendly

One thing heavily in favour of dried flowers is their sustainability. They can be reused and repurposed to reduce waste and saved as a keepsake for the bride, groom, and even close family.

So, if you’re thinking about your carbon footprint and doing your bit for the environment, dried flowers are a perfect option.

(However, it’s worth noting that not all dried flowers are 100% natural and sustainable. That’s why it’s important to do your checks before investing.)

Dried flowers have different and interesting textures and styles

If you’re planning your wedding and desire a relaxed, boho style, or country theme, dried flowers can have the right texture and style to suit the day.

The flowers' combination of muted and bright colours with the dried look can add a chic and elegant personality to the venue, photographs, and overall style.

The disadvantages of dried flowers

Not all dried flowers are pet friendly

If you’ve seen the adorable videos on TikTok of someone’s beloved puppy being the ring bearer on their big day, then you’ll know that animals and pets at weddings are increasingly popular.

However, not all dried flowers are pet-friendly, and this can be a disadvantage if you want a specific type of dried flower in your bouquet.

If you want to find the ones that are, check out our beautiful collection.

Dried flowers aren’t as fragrant as fresh flowers

Although certain dried flowers, like roses, can give off some scent, they aren’t as potent as their fresh flower competitor.

If the flowers are dried correctly, they shouldn’t smell. It’s a case of deciding whether you’re bothered about this factor in the first place.

If you make your own, it can be a timely process

Wedding planning can be all-consuming but personal to every bride. And some bridal parties and their families and friends might want to create their flower arrangements, both fresh and dry.

But it’s essential to consider the time needed to dry out flowers if dried flower arrangements are your chosen bloom.

Knowing when to order dried flowers for a wedding can save you time and take the pressure off your hands. We recommend 10 to 14 days before the day to order them.

But if you want it to be more personal, making them is a great option, just make sure you leave yourself enough time.

The advantages of fresh flowers

A fresh flower bouquet is classic and traditional

Fresh flowers are well-loved and often the most common option for wedding arrangements. Their beauty, vibrancy, and elegance have been integral in wedding ceremonies since the Victorian Era.

Fresh flowers are more fragrant

Some flowers have pleasant and unique aromas that can make a powerful impression and triggering memories in upcoming years.

A fresh flower arrangement looks fresher and can be more colourful

Depending on the vibe and aesthetics of your wedding, fresh flowers can be more vibrant and colourful.

The disadvantages of fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are delicate

Although fresh flowers have a natural look, they’re delicate. During a wedding day, flowers can go through a lot, and they may begin to appear wilted and tired once the champagne bottles start popping.

If your flowers get exposed to hot, humid, wet, or windy weather, your fresh flowers could lose their beauty. And after paying a lot of money, this can be disheartening.

They have a shorter life span

Most cut and fresh flowers can last between 6 and twelve days when they're cared for.

And for one special day, this might work for some people. But in many cases, blooms are costly, especially when you need to consider sourcing arrangements for so many different purposes, including:

  • Décor
  • Bride and bridesmaid bouquets
  • Groomsmen buttonholes

Flowers contain pollen and may cause allergies

The last thing you want is everyone sneezing and crying (for the wrong reasons) on your big day. Unfortunately, fresh flowers contain pollen, which can cause hay fever or allergies and attract insects to the venue and wedding party, particularly in spring and summer.

Buy a beautiful, dried flower wedding bouquet

If you’re favouring the dried flower option, you’ve come to the right place.

At The Last Bunch, we want to make sure all life’s moments are memorable, including your wedding day. Our beautiful, dried flower bouquets will be there with you through all the good times and to remind you of your special days forever.

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