What dried flowers are good for the skin?

Dried flowers aren’t just great to look at. They’re great for us too. Discover the benefits of dried flowers for our skin and how to use them in your beauty regime.

Floral ingredients are deep-rooted in the history of skincare.

Cosmetic products use natural ingredients more. And in many cultures, flowers are one of the most sought-after natural remedies for medicinal, food, and beauty purposes.

But did you know about the many benefits of dried flowers for our skin?

Let’s explore.

The benefits of dried flowers for the skin

Dried flowers are in many everyday products. Their natural ingredients include vitamins and minerals that help moisturise, cleanse, and smooth the skin and prevent early signs of ageing and skin damage. They’re also incredibly gentle because of their natural qualities.

It’s because of this reason that they’re often found in body scrubs, hair balms, makeup, moisturisers and body oils, to name only a few.

Dried flowers often carry calming properties that can ease and reduce inflammation and improve your complexion. Additionally, the texture of dried flowers can be a great natural exfoliant to remove dead or dry skin cells and encourage new ones.

Some flowers even have natural cleansing properties, making them the perfect component for skin products.

And as society shifts towards more natural and organic products, dried flowers in skincare are an excellent option.

The best-dried flowers for skincare

To fully understand the benefits of dried flowers for skin, we’ve listed some commonly used flowers and why they’re so significant.


Roses have intense hydrating properties that make them perfect for ageing, mature and dry skin. They are an antioxidant powerhouse that can strengthen skin cells regenerating skin tissue. Also, this flower can soothe redness and reduce excess oils.


This bloom assists skin recovery from sun-induced damage and is a pronounced anti-ageing component. It’s rich in vitamin C, calcium, and fatty acids targeting dry, mature and cracked appearances.


Everyone is familiar with sunflower oil, most commonly in the kitchen. But it works wonders on the hair and skin within products. This product is highly recommended for acne-prone skin as it includes antioxidants that help protect and restore damaged areas.

Sunflowers also help to moisturise, hydrate, and cleanse, relieving sunburn, reducing redness, lightening dark spots and marks, reducing bug bites, limiting puffy eyes, and smoothening and lightening underarm, elbow, and knee skin.

We have a lot to thank the sunflower for.


Marigolds have natural healing abilities that provide health and skin concerns relief. It helps to fight inflammation linked to acne, and its antimicrobial effect keeps the skin clear

A study of 21 adults found that using a topical cream of pot marigold extract may help make the skin firmer and more hydrated.


This flower isn’t just for your tea. Chamomile has a long history of medicinal uses, even dating back to ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians applied crushed chamomile flowers to their skin to treat redness and dryness from the weather.

It has long been an ingredient in skincare routines, and scientific research has indicated that the compounds in chamomile make it a powerful skin multitasker.


The hibiscus flower is effective in reviving the skin’s elasticity and reducing the signs of ageing. In fact, hibiscus is known as the ‘botox herb’ as it’s packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that makes the skin look youthful and supple.


Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing effect, which is why it’s approved in spa treatments and aroma therapy.

Lavender oils can be taken orally, applied to the skin, and breathed in through aroma therapy, benefiting the skin by reducing acne, evening out your skin tone, and reducing wrinkles.

It is also known for its natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.


The lotus flower is in the formulation of numerous skincare products. It acts as an anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, skin brightener, anti-bacterial, skin coolant, emollient, and stress reducer.

This mighty flower enhances integrity and elasticity and makes skin look radiant and young, making it an effective skincare ingredient.

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