Which dried flowers last the longest?

Which dried flowers last the longest?

Dried flower bouquets are becoming more and more popular these days. They can be found in work offices, retail stores, and even wedding venues! Not only do they make the perfect interior decoration, but they also have a significantly longer shelf life in comparison to fresh flowers. This means you can enjoy their beauty for a lot longer than normal! 

However, this does not mean that they will last forever. Just how long you can keep your dried flowers depends on a variety of factors, including the way that they are displayed, whether or not they are being cared for, and even how they were dried. In general, your dried flower bouquet will last anywhere up to 3 years, but if they have been bleached or dyed, they could last for a lot longer than this.     

Keep reading to find out how you can ensure your dried flowers will last for a long time.

How to care for dried flowers to make them last longer

Although in general dried flowers do not need to be constantly maintained, there are certain ways you can care for your blooms that will help ensure they last longer than normal. Here are some of our top tips in caring for your dried flowers: 


  • Avoid direct sunlight - Dried flowers are notorious for fading and breaking down quickly when exposed to direct sunlight, so keeping your flowers away from open windows will help to ensure that your flowers remain vibrant for longer. 
  • Avoid heat sources - High temperatures can also be damaging to your flowers, turning them brittle. Therefore, you should avoid placing them near fireplaces, heaters, or kitchen stoves. Try and find a cool, dry environment for your flowers to thrive!
  • Avoid moisture - Water and humidity can seriously harm your dried flowers, as it can cause them to rehydrate, rot, or become mouldy. Avoid displaying your flowers in areas where they could potentially come into contact with any moisture - your bathroom is definitely a no-go! 
  • Be gentle - Dried flowers are just as delicate as fresh flowers, so handling your bouquets with care is important in ensuring that they remain in perfect condition. 
  • Keep them dust-free - Dried flowers pick up dust easily, which can cause them to become damaged if left untreated. If you find that your flowers have picked up a considerable amount of dust, use a gentle cloth or duster to carefully remove this, so that your flowers can remain looking beautiful and pristine. 

How long do silica-dried flowers last?

Preserving flowers with silica gel is one of the best methods to use when trying to dry larger flowers. These include blooms such as roses, peonies, dahlias, or daisies. The drying process involving silica gel is better known as freeze-drying, and involves freezing the flowers, and using a vacuum chamber to remove their natural moisture. This process leaves the flowers lightweight, and with a papery texture. Being a desiccant, silica gel is the best tool to help retain the vibrant colours in your flowers, leaving you with a beautifully vibrant bouquet. 


Similar to air-dried flowers, flowers preserved through silica gel can last for a very long time, as long as they are stored properly, and given the proper care and maintenance. In fact, some silica-dried flowers have been known to last for decades when kept in the correct conditions. Following the similar care procedures as standard dried flowers, like keeping them away from direct sunlight or heat sources, will ensure you can keep your flowers for many years to come. One thing to add, is that it is important to keep your silica-dried flowers away from any pests, as insects can shorten their lifespan remarkably.  

Do flowers with thicker stems last longer?  

In general, dried flowers with thicker stems tend to be more durable and last longer than flowers with thinner stems. This is simply because the thicker stems are sturdier, so are less prone to breakage, or being damaged, which can significantly shorten the lifespan of your flowers. When choosing your dried flower arrangements, consider choosing florals with thicker stems in order to ensure you have a longer-lasting bouquet! 

Which flowers keep their scent the most?

Certain types of dried flowers are much better at retaining their scent than others. Lavender, for example, is often used in many different dried flower arrangements, as it has a strong, calming scent that can last for a very long time. You will often find people using dried lavender sachets, to freshen up their linen drawer, or keep by their pillowcases to help aid a good night’s sleep. Other types of dried flowers that are known for their long-lasting scents include roses, jasmine, peonies, and chamomile. 

With dried flowers, it is normal for their scent to fade slowly over time, especially if the flowers are exposed to damaging environments, including high humidity or heat. To help keep the scent of your dried flowers for as long as possible, make sure you store them in a cool, dry place, and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or moisture. It is also important that you handle your flowers carefully, as rough handling can result in your blooms losing their scent more quickly. If you find your flowers lacking a strong scent, you can try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil at the bottom of their vase, to help enhance their fragrance. 

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