How to care for dried flowers

How to care for dried flowers

Dried flowers are one of the biggest trends currently circulating the floral industry, and it is no surprise why! If you are not 100% sure what dried flowers are then let us fill you in. Dried flowers are real flowers that have been dried out/preserved in order to maintain their appearance. In the same vein as fresh flowers, they come in a wide variety of colours and types, and are often arranged professionally into stunning bouquets!

These flowers require little to no maintenance and with only a few small care tips, can last for years. Not to mention the fact that they are simply beautiful, and are an easy way to add floral accents and colour to any space! 

Whether you wish to maintain your dried wedding flowers or just an everyday bouquet arrangement, you can follow these simple care guidelines to ensure that your flowers maintain their vibrancy and appeal for as long as possible. 

Dried flower care tips

With these few simple tips, you can extend the life of your dried flowers, and cherish them for years to come. Although they do not require a high amount of maintenance, your blooms are still unique and deserve proper attention. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to properly care for your flowers, ensuring that their beauty is maintained for as long as possible. 

Tip #1 NO Water

Perhaps the most important tip you should take away from this article is to avoid water at all costs! Unlike their fresh friends, dried flowers do not require water to survive - and in fact, do not like it. If your blooms come into contact with water, it can make them weak, or even lead them to rot or become mouldy. 

Therefore, we recommend you keep your dried blooms as dry as possible and place them in a warm environment. To display them, simply keep them in an empty vase or container. 

Tip #2 Keep out of direct sunlight 

Over time, it is natural that the colour of your dried flowers will fade - this is just part of their charm, and adds to their overall aesthetic. However, if you wish to slow down the fading process, we recommend keeping your dried bouquets out of direct sunlight or away from strong light sources. This will ensure that your flowers maintain their vibrancy and can continue to decorate your home for years to come. 

Tip #3 Dust every so often

Like fresh flowers, dried blooms are delicate and must be handled with care. This is especially important when trying to keep them clean and dust-free. There are many methods you can use to ensure your flowers remain in pristine condition and are not damaged by dust. Firstly, you can use a small brush or cloth to remove any dust build-up on their stems or petals - you can also use a feather duster, however, it can be quite difficult to manoeuvre around your flower heads. Another way you can keep your flowers clean is by using a hair dryer. For this, we suggest using only cold air and having it on the lowest possible setting in order to avoid inflicting any damage to your bouquets. 

Tip #4 Avoid humidity/ moisture

Our last care tip is to avoid displaying your flowers in a highly humid environment (such as a bathroom, or kitchen). If your flowers are continually exposed to air moisture, it can make their stems weak or go limp, and in extreme conditions, can cause your blooms to decay! 

We recommend keeping your dried flowers in much drier conditions such as your bedroom or living room. It is also important to note that your flowers will thrive better in milder temperatures, so it is best to avoid displaying your flowers near any heat sources, such as radiators, fireplaces, or stovetops.

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