8 Ways To Use Your Mini Bouquets

8 Ways To Use Your Mini Bouquets

Whether you are in desperate need of a last-minute birthday gift, or are simply looking for a personal pick me up, a bouquet of flowers is the perfect go to to bring a smile to anyone’s face. However, they aren’t always in everyone’s price range. Luckily for you, we have a perfect alternative: mini dried flower bouquets. Not only do they make the cutest gift for your loved ones, they are also a great way to leave a beautiful mark on a small space in your home.   

But how can you ensure you are making the most out of your bouquets, in other ways than just being displayed in a pretty vase? To help you get inspired, this article suggests 15 of our favourite ways that you can use your mini bouquets. From creating a statement wall piece to spicing up your Christmas tree, these ideas are a great way to turn something old into something brand new, ensuring you can continue to love your bouquets time and time again.  

Decorating Your Home

Even though it seems like an obvious choice, decorating your space with flowers is always a good way to bring in a slice of nature into your home. Mini bouquets are perfect for this, as they retain their colour and scent, without the constant need for watering and pruning, and can often be left to their own devices. In comparison to other decor alternatives, dried flower bouquets are inexpensive and environmentally-friendly, and will stay in great shape for months (if not years). So if you are looking for something to spice up your fireplace, or are in need of a splash of colour for your kitchen island, a mini bouquet of dried flowers would be the perfect solution for you. 

A New Style Of Boutonnière

A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn by men during formal events, to accessorise their suits. They are typically placed in the top left jacket lapel of a suit, where you will find what appears to be a buttonhole. Although boutonnieres are a common detail for suit attire, it doesn’t mean that they all have to be the same. Using a mini dried flower bouquet would be a perfect alternative for a boutonniere, as they come in an array of different arrangements, colours, and styles, meaning that you can always find the perfect bouquet for the event in which you are attending. Not only this, but using dried flowers means that you can keep the bouquet as a memento, as they are long-lasting and can be preserved with the proper care. 

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Are you tired of decorating your Christmas tree with the same decorations every year? It may be ideal to consider getting your hands on a variety of mini dried flower bouquets. They are a creative way to fill in sparse areas in your tree’s branches, whilst also bringing in a different kind of texture to the whole look. Using them as accent pieces can help to elevate your christmas tree from simple to sophisticated, and is an easy way to add a pop of colour to your home. It’s as simple as adding a piece of twine to the small vase, and tying this to a branch in your tree, and you are good to go. What’s more, these bouquets can be easily repurposed and used in year-round decorations, meaning that when the time comes to take down your tree, you can still keep the bouquets up in your home. 

Creating A Statement Wall Piece 

If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your home on a budget, you can't go wrong with a wall flower arrangement. They are an easy way to enhance any indoor space, and what better way than with mini dried flower bouquets

To make your own dried flower wall piece, you will need: 

  1. An array of mini bouquets
  2. Small containers (if you wish to decanter your bouquets)
  3. Wall-safe adhesive

The style and colours of the arrangements are entirely up to you, but we would recommend using a variety of different bouquet arrangements in order to give your wall a vibrant, animated look.

Step 1:

First things first, you need to choose which mini bouquets you want to see on your wall. You can find them in a multitude of arrangements and colours, so whether you want a bright, energetic wall piece, or something a little more toned down, there is a mini bouquet for everyone. 

Step 2: 

Next is finding a blank space in your home for the wall piece to go. Depending on how many bouquets you use will also depend on how much space you will need. 

Step 3:

All you need now is to safely attach your bouquets onto your wall. When they arrive, the bouquets will be in their own mini vases, which you can either stick straight onto your wall, or decanter into a container of your choosing. Then, just take some wall-safe adhesive and secure your bouquets into a formation that works well in the space. 

Adding A Bouquet To Your Gift Wrapping

If you are someone who loves leaving a unique mark when you wrap gifts, this idea is perfect for you. Attaching a mini bouquet of dried flowers to ribbon or twine, can ensure your presents leave a lasting impression on whoever you give them to. This is perfect for special occasions like Mother’s Day, and acts as an extra little present on top of what you have already gifted. 

Bouquet Bunting

Although this idea requires a little bit more DIY than the others, it is the perfect way to make a statement in your home. Using a piece of string or wire, you can hang a variation of mini bouquets across different elements of your home including bannisters, mantelpieces, or mirrors. The bouquets are extremely lightweight, meaning they can be easily manoeuvred to wherever you wish them to be, and are in no danger of damaging anything if they were to fall. This means you can easily change up your placement, and bouquets, to match your current moods, allowing you to have creative freedom over your living space.      

Adding A Twist To Your Name Placement Cards

Whether you are planning a big occasion, like a wedding, or just a simple family gathering, having name placement cards can be extremely helpful when trying to keep track of who and where your guests will sit. In the grand scheme of things, name cards are a miniscule detail in comparison to other more pressing matters when it comes to large-scale events, however they can be exceptionally useful in tying your vision together. For a wedding, they are perfect for adding a finishing touch to your decorations, and can even double as wedding favours. This is why we recommend using a mini dried flower bouquet, as not only is it a unique twist to the original name card, but they can also be taken home by guests or family, and form as a memory of the time you spent together. Simply attach a label onto each vase and place them where you wish for your guests to sit, and watch your dinner table be transformed!  

Styling Your Napkin Rings 

The napkin ring is a new concept that is slowly filtering its way into the daily norm, and is the perfect way to liven up place settings. If you are thinking of making it part of your dining table decor for your next family gathering, why not go a step further and add a mini bouquet onto each napkin. This will work to enhance the aesthetics of your table, and similar to a name placement card, can work as an extra little gift for those you love. Simply wrap some wire around the stem of your mini bouquet vase, and wind around your napkins. 

Frequently Asked Questions around: Dried Flower Bouquets

Are dried bouquets worth it?

The short answer is: Absolutely! They are an inexpensive alternative to fresh supermarket flowers, and can be used for a multitude of occasions, including decorating your home space, or being incorporated into a wedding. They are also long-lasting, and with the proper maintenance, can be kept for up to 3 years without needing a replacement. 

What is a bouquet?

A bouquet is a bunch of flowers that have been properly fastened together and arranged professionally. They are typically given as presents, however they have also been used for formal occasions; most notably at weddings. 

How long does a dried flower bouquet last? 

Whilst it generally depends on the type of flower, normally dried bouquets can last anywhere between a couple months to a couple years. As long as they are properly maintained, and handled with care, you will be able to enjoy your bouquet for a considerable length of time.

Why are dried flowers so popular?

Dried flowers are low maintenance and last a significantly longer amount of time in comparison to fresh flowers. This means they are a more cost effective and environmentally friendly choice when choosing how to bring a splash of nature into your home.  

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