Why are dried flowers so expensive?

Expensive or worthwhile? We answer our most asked question, ‘Why are dried flowers so expensive?’, and give you an insight into why they sit at this price point.

If you have been looking to add some stunning flowers to your home to boost your mood, reduce stress levels, and make your place feel alive with nature, then dried flowers are the perfect option.

But before purchasing your bouquet, you need to figure out what price is reasonable and understand why they cost what they do.

With this in mind, we’ve provided a breakdown of the cost of dried flower bouquets and compared them to a bunch of freshly cut alternatives.  

How much do dried flowers cost?

The value of dried bouquets will vary depending on the flower shop you purchase from and whether you decide to make your dried flowers at home or not.

Ultimately, the overall face value will come down to the quality, how long they will last once purchased, and the style or arrangement you desire.

At The Last Bunch, we have dried flower bunches with various price tags to keep dried flowers as accessible as possible. Our flower bouquets start at £15.99 for a mini arrangement and go up to £250 for a truly breathtaking showstopper.

For example, you can get a glorious Leona Small Vase bouquet (vase included!) for £28, a Thea Mini Bouquet with pops of yellow for £15.99, or a stunning Daphne bouquet full of peonies, pampas and bunny tails for £65.

And although some of these prices might seem a little high at first, it’s worth remembering how long they last. With the right level of TLC, a quality dried flower bouquet could last up to three years. That’s quite incredible when you consider the average life of fresh flowers.

Why are dried flowers so expensive?

A question frequently asked when it comes to dried flowers is why dried flower bouquets are so expensive. But the truth is, they are a cheaper alternative to a fresh flower bouquet.

Dried flowers are much more durable than fresh flowers and maintain their beauty for years to come.

Additionally, the long shelf-life and timely construction process will be part of the reason for the end cost. But when you put this into perspective, a dried flower arrangement comes at a much more affordable price than a fresh bunch once all the reasons are considered.

You’re paying for the quality and underlying purpose too. Dried flower bouquets can offer a great deal more than a fresh bunch, given they can last for long periods and can be a cherished bunch dried to last.

Dried flower bouquets can also help you remember a sentimental occasion, like a wedding, birthday, or funeral.

And if that wasn’t enough, the added expense is a small price you pay for being more environmentally friendly too. You can reuse them and keep them for much longer, therefore, reducing shipping emissions and other processes associated with constantly buying fresh flowers.

Are dried flowers more expensive than fresh flowers?

The price of dried flowers comes down to the quantity, type of flowers used, the provider and how you care for them.

Buying dried flower bouquets in bulk provides a cheap and imperishable alternative for decorating your home or embellishing an event, such as a wedding or funeral.

If stored correctly, dried flowers can last a lifetime, and this is becoming a more popular choice amongst the many flower lovers out there.

Alongside their cost-effective nature, they require little to no maintenance, unlike a fresh bunch, which requires much more attention despite their shorter lifespan.

When you keep them out of direct sunlight, dust them every so often, and avoid humidity/moisture, your bouquet will thrive alone, adding vibrancy and elegance to your interior.  

Invest in dried flowers with a purpose

If you’re ready to add some purpose and beauty to your home, without breaking the bank, pick your ideal dried flower bouquet today.

At The Last Bunch, our talented florists create flawless bouquets that are designed to last. From a divine Daphne bouquet to a luscious Leona mini bouquet, there’s something for everyone.

So, if you have been searching for the perfect dried flower bouquet, you’ve landed on the best site. Take your pick, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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