What are the pros and cons of a dried flower bouquet?

To buy or not to buy? That is the question. Discover the pros and cons of dried flower bouquets before parting ways with your hard-earned cash.

The sales of dried flower bouquets are blooming nowadays, becoming an integral part of the UK floral industry.

And it’s hardly surprising. Whether you’re thinking of treating someone special to a beautiful bunch or simply want to add a little je ne sais quoi to your home, the possibilities are endless.

However, the popularity and possibilities of these stunning dried floral arrangements don’t necessarily mean they’re the right choice for you. Sometimes there are other factors to consider.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick and simple guide on the pros and cons of dried flower bouquets to help you make the all-important decision.

The pros and cons of a dried flower bouquet

Dried floral arrangements offer so much and have very few negatives attached to their name. But before you invest in an extraordinary bouquet, there are things to note before making your purchase.

Here are the pros and cons of dried flowers and why dried flower arrangements might just be for you.

Why dried flower arrangements are perfect for you

  •       Dried flowers have a long shelf life

    If cared for correctly and provided they’re from a good quality flower shop, dried flowers can last for around three years. Therefore, making them a more sustainable choice for any flower fanatic.

    Despite the initial beauty of fresh flower bouquets, they only look sad and wilted within seven days. And we can guarantee this won’t happen with your dried floral arrangements, which makes them perfect for home décor, gifts, or even grand events.

  •       Bouquets/flowers are reusable

    A dried flower bouquet really is a gift that keeps on giving.

    Everyone loves to receive a gorgeous bouquet from time to time, and a dried floral arrangement will remind the receiver that you thought of them for years to come.

    Not only are they great gifts, but interior lovers can add some perfect pampas or marvellous Maeve to any room and change them around as much as they like to fit their décor.

  •       A low-maintenance alternative

    If you have a hectic work and social life, why add another thing to think about? The beauty of dried bouquets is that they require minimal care.

    Pick your favourite bunch, big or small, and they’ll sit perfectly in your room until you decide to move them or show them off to your visitors.

  •       Cost-effective

    Dried flowers may appear like an expensive investment initially. But when you consider how long they last compared to freshly cut flowers, you get incredible value for money.
  •       Amazing versatility

    Dried flower bouquets come in many shapes, sizes, and colours. They’re also suitable for every occasion and use, from Christmas and weddings to funerals and anniversaries.

    The list is endless.

  •       Available all year round, in any season

    Dried flower bouquets are timeless. Come rain or shine, they’re available all year round throughout the seasons.

    Whether it’s a gift for you or someone else, you can create a dried floral arrangement with your favourite flowers and foliage to create the perfect look for the recipient or environment.

Why dried flower arrangements might not be right for you

  •       More expensive

    For some people, a minimum of £15 on a bouquet of dried flowers is out of reach.

    And we understand that.

    Although dried flower arrangements are costly for some, they last a lifetime and are worth the investment.

    Why not start with a mini-dried flower bouquet before investing in a large, more expensive bunch? This way, you can really tell if you love dried flowers as much as we do.

  •       It can be a timely process to dry your own

    Drying your favourite flowers at home can take approximately two to three weeks.

    And although the process is an enjoyable experience (to us), it can take a great deal of time and resources to do it correctly.

  •       Some dried flowers can be dangerous to your furry friends

    Sadly, not all flowers agree with our beloved pets. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a dried flower arrangement in your home.

    To help you better understand what flowers are hazardous, we have accumulated a list of poisonous and non-poisonous flowers on our blog – specifically for cats and dogs

    The Last Bunch has flower bouquets specially made for pet owners, as we can’t stand to see anyone missing out.

Dried flowers vs fresh flowers: The verdict

So, what type of flowers are best? Dried or fresh?

Truth be told, it comes down to opinion and what overall outcome and aesthetic you’re after.

But despite the freshness and spectacle of a fresh flower bouquet, dried flowers are trendy, cost-efficient, and timeless.

Not only do dried flower bouquets retain their beauty for longer periods, but they also make a bold statement and offer versatility for any occasion, place, or person.

Maybe we are biased, but you can’t overlook the fact that dried flowers are superior in many ways.

Choose a beautiful dried floral arrangement

If you think a dried flower bouquet is the perfect choice for you, let us take care of the rest.

At The Last Bunch, we’re known for our incredibly popular dried flower arrangements, created with the most exquisite and high-quality flowers by our professional team of florists.

Whether you’re looking for a mini dried flower bouquet, dried flowers for an upcoming occasion, or you simply fancy treating yourself to a dried bunch designed exactly how you like, we have a bouquet for you.

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