Will dried flowers attract bugs?

Flowers are bloomin’ brilliant. And whilst we love a dried flower bouquet, we might not be the only ones drawn to their beauty. So, the question is, will dried flowers attract bugs?

Dried flower bouquets are beautiful. Some even describe them as a constant reminder of love.

They make the perfect durable addition to any home, event, or occasion with a pop of colour and environmental benefits.

But will they attract bugs?

Read on to discover whether your dried flower blooms will draw in these little critters, and if so, how you can prevent them.

Do dried flowers attract bugs?

Having been a hit in the 80s, dried flowers are now back in fashion. Homes and businesses globally are using them for their everlasting, sustainable pleasantness and we don’t blame them.

But are they attracting more bugs and insects into places they aren’t necessarily wanted? Or have you noticed tiny bugs on dried flowers of your own?

The truth is, you won’t ever entirely prevent insects from enjoying your flowers.

And some insects, like bees and butterflies, we don’t want to push away because of their importance to nature.

But why do dried flowers still attract insects when they are no longer fresh?

Dried flowers can attract bugs and pests from time to time, such as silverfish and beetles, who use petals and bouquets for shelter or food. And given our homes are warm and sheltered, they make the perfect environment for tiny bugs to survive in.

A flower’s sweet aroma can attract different bugs and insects, just like a bunch of fresh blooms. 

Insects and pests are attracted to colourful petals full of natural sugars and other ingredients. But when dried flowers are dried and preserved, they lose their pollen, leaving none or a trace, discouraging many insects and pollinators.

But it also comes down to the type of plant and flower. Some that are particularly popular with insects include:

  • Sunflowers
  • Marigolds
  • Daisies
  • Hawthorns
  • Iris
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Nigellas
  • Lavender

And there’s nothing wrong with attracting insects to plants if you don’t mind them being there. For example, bees are essential to human existence, and we have crafted tiny bouquets made with preserved bee-attracting flower varieties.

But if you don’t want to attract them, some flowers naturally repel insects, like:

  • Russian sage
  • Bloody cranesbill
  • African lily
  • Dianthus
  • Catmint
  • Geraniums

The good news is that dried flowers don’t tend to attract too many bugs. As long as you keep a beady eye on your blooms, keep them clean, and in good condition, the bugs will mostly stay at bay.

How to get rid of bugs in dried flowers

If you’ve noticed tiny bugs on your dried flowers, there is no cause for alarm. Whether your flowers are dried or fresh, insects find flowers as wonderful as we do.

But there are things you can do to prevent and remove bugs in your dried flowers:

  • Spray your flowers lightly with insecticide. Remember that your dried flower arrangements don’t like moisture, so keep the spray at a distance. If you are drying your own flowers, spray them before drying them to protect them from tiny bugs.
  • Check them regularly for pests. The sooner you spot the bugs or insects, the better.
  • Clean them gently with a feather duster or hairdryer. Make sure you do this softly because dried flowers are delicate and can shed when not handled with care.
  • Keep your gorgeous, dried flower bouquet out of sunlight and away from moisture. This tip will help your bouquet keep its quality whilst preventing bug infestation.
  • Remove the flowers from the bouquet that look covered or eaten and clean the area.

The insect pests commonly found on dried flowers are not dangerous. So, there is no need to worry.

If you keep your dried flowers in good condition and check on them occasionally, you’ll have little to no trouble with bugs.

Find the best mini-dried flowers

Our mini-dried flower bouquets are the perfect option for those who want to minimise the risk of bugs as much as possible whilst including a touch of floral prettiness in your home or upcoming event.

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