Will dried flowers die?

Do you want a bunch of flowers that will last forever? Discover how long a dried flower bouquet lasts and ways to preserve them for optimal beauty once and flor-al.

Dried flower arrangements are the new go-to eco-friendly trend.

They make glorious statement pieces in home interiors and at events. Some are even edible.  

And these delectable flowers add a lovely touch of colour and personality to be treasured for years. It’s just one of the reasons we love them.

But how long do they last? And what factors should you consider to keep them healthy and thriving for as long as possible? Let’s explore.

Do dried flowers die?

The short answer to do dried flowers die is sadly yes.

But like most things, different elements can impact the lifespan of dried bouquets, including where they are displayed, how they were dried, and how they are cared for.

Not only do they make beautiful gifts, but they last an incredible amount of time to make memories and occasions stick in our minds. So, you will want to keep them clean and well looked after.

How long do dried flowers last?

Dried flowers are sometimes said to be ‘everlasting.’ But to be transparent, they don’t exactly last FOREVER.

It’s a shame, we know.

Dried flower bouquets can last anywhere between two and four years, depending on how you care for them and the type of flower. Which, when compared to their fresh flower competitor, IS a lifetime.

Gone are the days of worrying about your flower wilting in three days time, dealing with the smelly flower water, or trimming the stems long for them to last a touch more time. Dried flowers are easy to maintain and are the more sustainable option.

If preserved in glycerine, dried flowers could last up to five to six years.

You’ll also keep your beautiful bouquet looking bright and colourful for a longer time if you keep it out of direct sunlight, which can cause the sublime colours and complexion to fade.

Depending on where you keep them, the flowers you buy, and how they were dried will decipher how long they stand tall and healthy.

How to preserve dried flowers?

So, you’ve brought your dried flower bouquet and are completely in awe of them. But you want to keep them intact and don’t know how to do this.

The good news is, it’s easy. Dried flower botanicals need minimal care and attention. You can rely on them to last without your devoted time and effort in your busy schedule.

What’s not to love?

This sustainable and affordable option for your home, workplace, or wedding has an extended shelf life and is a low-maintenance option for anyone who loves the floral aesthetic.

To keep your dried blooms looking as good as they did on the day they arrived, always:

  •       Avoid watering them.
  •       Handle your flowers with care, as they are dainty, delicate, and prone to shedding.
  •       Keep them free from dust.
  •       Ensure they are out of direct sunlight, humidity, and wind.

It is also vital to mention that dried flowers can go mouldy over time if they aren’t stored correctly or exposed to moisture and humid environments.

This blog might be your sign to remove dried flowers from your bath or shower room. No matter how pretty they look, they will mould much faster with the amount of condensation and humidity.

Although you might want dried flowers in every room of the house (we don’t blame you), some rooms and areas are better suited to support their duration than others.

What’s the best dried flower preserving spray?

If you want to preserve your flowers, many products can remove the moisture from the petals and blow away that pesky dust.

Specifically designed and formulated dried flower preservative sprays are widely available at craft and floral suppliers, preventing the colours from fading and sealing the flowers for extra protection.

There are a few products that can keep your dried flower bouquets in tip-top condition:

  •       Chrysal Silk and Dried Flower cleaner – A cleaner to make dust and dirt invisible and restore lustre.

  •       Professional 2 Concentrated Chrysal – This formula keeps flowers lasting longer, stimulating water absorption, and leaving flowers fresher for days.

  •       Hairspray – Aerosol hairspray isn’t just great for your barnet. This household product will seal and protect your blooms. It won’t keep them intact forever, but it’s an affordable option to keep petals from breaking and falling off.

  •       Acrylic spray – You can find acrylic sprays in hardware stores. It’s another unusual yet effective option for sealing dried flowers. During the festive periods, we suggest you try metallic acrylic spray paint for a bit of a pick-me-up, wintery look.

  •       Lacquer – a glossy lacquer is a great dried flower preserving spray. It provides a tough, shiny coating that protects them from moisture in the air.

Preserving sprays will stop your gorgeous bouquet from reabsorbing moisture, preventing wrinkles and rot. After all, no one wants to see their much-loved and sometimes sentimental flowers go to waste before their time.

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