Dried Flowers FAQs

Dried Flowers FAQs

How long will my flowers last?
  • With the proper care, your flowers will last years!

How do I care for dried flowers?
  • Keep out of direct sunlight- this can alter the colours of your bouquet
  • Do NOT water your flowers- if your flowers are exposed to too much moisture this will cause them to weaken and go mouldy.
  • Keep the dust off your flowers- Every so often take a hairdryer on a low and cool setting to blow off any dust
Are your flowers real?
    • Yes! All of our flowers are real flowers but the moisture has been taken out of them.
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Do you sell the vases in your photos?
  • The vases are included with the mini bouquets and the small vases but we do not include the vase with the standard, large, deluxe and showstopper size bouquets.

Are dried flowers safe for animals?
  • We would advise keeping your dried flowers away from pets as some flowers can be toxic. Read more here about dried flowers that are toxic for pets.

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