Pet Friendly Maeve Small Vase

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Do you have a pet that loves chewing just about anything it can get its hands on? Especially things that they definitely aren’t supposed to? Unfortunately, this is just one of the many pleasures of being a pet owner!

Some flowers can make your pet sick or irritate the skin just by brushing up against them. This bouquet is made from flowers and foliage that are all safe for pets! 

Vase Included.

*Please note some flowers are seasonal if we cannot source the exact flowers we will replace them with something very similar that is safe for your furry friends.

Bunny Tail
Haver Oat

- Do not water your flowers

- Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight

- Every so often take a hairdryer on a low and cool setting to blow off any dust

- Click here to learn more about caring for your dried flowers

Dried flowers are simply flowers that have been dried. All of the moisture has been taken out of them and they are preserved to last a lot longer than a fresh bouquet.

They can last for up to a couple of years if cared for properly.


I always want flowers for my coffee table but my cat is always jumping up and trying to sniff them. When I saw this pet friendly bouquet on TikTok I ordered it straight away. It is so beautiful and I love that I don't need to worry if my cat goes near it.

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Did you know that some flowers and foliage can be extremely toxic or even poisonous for your pets?

Some of the most popular flowers to have in your home are toxic to your furry friends. Read more here on which flowers are dangerous for your pets.

We have created a range made from flowers that are completely safe for your furry friends so you won't need to worry if they sniff around your flowers!

Life's Moments. Made Better. With Flowers.


We want to make sure all life's moments are memorable and what better way than a bouquet that will never die and always remind you of that special time in your life. We will be with you through all the tears and smiles; love and loss; fired and hired; makeups and breakups. 

We are a dried florist based in London. Our founder Mary-Anne would always create bouquets and installations for friends' and families' birthdays. Whilst doing these installations she became aware of how much waste was in the floristry industry. She did some research into dried and preserved flowers and realised she could still make beautiful installations and bouquets from dried flowers but they last so much longer and so The Last Bunch was born in November 2021.


This is such a beautiful bunch. It looks so beautiful on my bookshelf!

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