10 Seasonal Flowers For Your Summer Wedding

10 Seasonal Flowers for your summer wedding

For many, summer is the perfect season to plan a wedding. Not only do you get longer and (hopefully) warmer evenings, but you also have a wider range of floral blooms to choose from. Summer provides a wonderful opportunity to experiment with the size, colour, and texture of your wedding flowers. Whether you are looking for a traditional, classic look or more of a boho chic aesthetic, there is an abundance of options to choose from to make your wedding match your style. 

With such a vast selection of blooms to choose from, the only challenge is…where do you begin? Florists will often recommend you opt for in-season flowers when choosing your floral arrangements, as it will mean you have more control, and also makes it easier for your florist to get hold of the freshest flowers possible for your big day. Choosing in-season flowers will also help to save you money as they won’t be difficult to source or need to be imported. 

To help make your final decision a little bit easier, we have accumulated some of our favourite seasonal flowers that would be perfect for a summer wedding:


We couldn’t start off this list without mentioning one of the most traditional wedding flowers of all time. Roses are a classic choice as they exude romance, especially when they are a deep red, but they also come in a variety of different colours, making it easier to match them to your desired aesthetic. Paired with other types of blooms, or left on their own, they add the perfect touch of elegance to your bouquet or wedding decor. 


Dahlias can add an intricate texture to your bouquet and can be a gorgeous addition to your venue's floral decor. They don’t emit a fragrance, however, they do come in a range of colours. As they are a unique bloom, they are a bit pricier in comparison to other flowers, however, if you are looking to create a rustic, wild look to your big day, then they are definitely worth it.


Freesias are a perfect choice if you are looking to add more of a wildflower look to your wedding day. They can be matched with a wide variety of other stems, as they come in a variety of colours including white, red, pink, blue, orange and yellow. These flowers also have a lovely meaning, as botanist Christian P. Ecklon named the bloom after his friend as a symbol of their friendship, which is why these flowers are often associated with trust and friendship!


Delphiniums are the ideal floral option if you are looking to make a statement. Their name originates from the Greek word ‘delphis’ meaning dolphin, which is resembled in the shape of their closed buds. This flower is often used to symbolise positivity, fun, and cheerfulness, making them the perfect choice for a summer wedding. They can bring beautiful colours into an arrangement, perfect to showcase a more unique bouquet. They can add significant height to your table centrepieces, creating a more elegant and natural feel to your venue - perfect for radiating charm and romance! 


Hydrangeas are the ideal option if you are looking to create a more traditional floral arrangement. They come in varying shades of white, blue, pink, purple, and green, making them the perfect flower for a garden wedding. They let off a sweet scent, which can help to add a feeling of freshness to your wedding day. 


Sunflowers are the literal embodiment of summer with their radiant and joyful colour and appearance, making them a more than ideal choice. Not only this but they are also known to symbolise adoration and loyalty - we can’t think of anything more perfect for a wedding! They can either be left on their own, or paired with a variety of blooms to create a sophisticated but joyful bouquet, perfect for a late summer wedding celebration.


Peonies are the perfect statement flower for a more classic summer wedding. These flowers are often mistaken for roses, as they exude the same amount of elegance and beauty (and have the same shape and form). They are available in various shades of white, light pink, vivid magenta, and coral, and can vary in appearance with them sometimes looking full and fluffy or having more of a tightly closed bud. 

Sweet Peas

Adding sweet peas to your bouquet can help to change up a basic arrangement, into something with a more delicate, natural feel. These blooms come in a variety of pastel tones, such as lilac, peach, or blush pink, and can even come in deeper shades, meaning you have a lot of colour to work with to create your perfect bouquet! We can’t forget to mention that they smell absolutely amazing, meaning they can add a beautiful scent to your day!


Cosmos are an incredibly versatile bloom and can add a delicate softness to your bouquet, or table decor. They come in a range of colours including orange, red, pink, purple, white, and brown, making them perfect for adding the feel of summer to your floral arrangements. Packed with joy and beauty, these flowers are an ideal choice for a more detailed wedding bouquet.


The flowers are the perfect filler flower for your bouquet or centrepieces, as they add a stunning touch of elegance to any floral arrangement. Thanks to their delicate petals, they can add a feminine and romantic feel to your wedding day. They come in shades of white, red, blue, purple, pink, and green, so they can fit into whatever style you require for your big day.  

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