Wedding flower trends 2023

Top 5 wedding flower trends for 2023

Picking the right flowers for your wedding can be overwhelming - but it doesn’t have to be. It may seem like a daunting task, as often the choice of flowers can make or break the vibe for your wedding day, however, it is also a fun way to ensure your style is coming across in your decor. Flowers play a crucial role during the day, appearing in your bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony decor, and table centrepieces. Typically they will follow the same colour scheme and are used to reinforce your overall theme. If you are stuck on where to even begin with wedding flowers, it may be beneficial to look to the most recent floral trends for inspiration. 

From dried flower bouquets to colour blocking, the floral trends slowly appearing in 2023 are definitely ones to consider when planning your dream wedding floral arrangements. Read on for a deep dive into the hottest wedding floral trends that you should definitely keep an eye out for…

1. Dried and pressed flowers

The wedding trend we are most excited about in 2023 is dried and pressed flowers. To give you context, dried flowers are florals that have been dehydrated or preserved using specific materials to preserve the shape and colour of the original flowers. Pressed flowers are similar in the way that they are dehydrated, however instead of just being left out to dry, they are often left in a flower press to be flattened. These flowers are most often used in art projects such as framed arrangements or memory boxes. 

For a wedding, dried flowers can be used as bouquets, table centrepieces, place cards, hanging installations, or even as confetti. It is a creative and unique approach to arranging your wedding florals, which is not only environmentally friendly but can also save you big bucks on your flower budget. They are a more cost-effective option as they are cheaper to buy in bulk and as an added benefit, they can last up to 3 years, making them the perfect memento to remember your big day. 

2. Colour block florals

A trend that you might not have expected for weddings in 2023 is colour blocking. This is a method in which flower arrangements are made up of a large quantity of a single colours. It is a straightforward way to showcase the flower arrangements, and can often leave a large impact on those viewing them. Using these monofloral arrangements helps to give off a cool, bold vibe and can transform the look of your wedding venue. This might be one to consider if you are set on a single colour scheme - having a different variety of flowers instead of a variety of colours could be the key to unlocking your perfect wedding floral arrangement.

3. Small wedding bouquets

For a considerable period of time, having a large, abundant wedding bouquet has been the norm. However, it appears that this trend is slowly losing popularity in favour of smaller, more effortless bouquets. This is great news for those who don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on their wedding flowers, and for those who might find it difficult to carry around a heavy floral bouquet throughout the day. 

The rise in popularity of the smaller bouquet could be due to the increase of people wanting smaller wedding ceremonies, or even elopements. People are more interested in having a light, airy bouquet that is smaller in size and won’t hurt their purse, in comparison to a larger bouquet that would take away attention from the bride.  

4. Burnt Orange colour scheme

Forget the light pinks and sage greens of weddings past, in 2023 we are seeing the beginnings of the burnt orange revolution. It seems people are stepping away from the light pastel wedding tones in favour of more eye-catching bold blooms - and we couldn’t be more obsessed! Burnt orange is the perfect shade to incorporate into a late summer wedding, and brings in more warm and earthy tones to the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Having this unique wedding colour scheme can also allow your florist the creative freedom to produce a wide variety of different flower arrangements that perfectly reflect your style of choice. 

5. Single flower variety bouquets

While diversity is appealing in many aspects of life, it is not the most critical factor in floral arrangements. For 2023, single-variety flower bouquets are becoming a top trend where instead of using a high number of different flowers in bouquets or arrangements, people appear to be lovingly clustering one flower en masse. In terms of the most popular flowers to use for this trend, baby’s breath is without a doubt at the top of the list. In large bunches, baby’s breath can be used to elegantly decorate a multitude of spaces, including your home. It is also easy for individuals to buy in bulk. Maybe consider having a single flower variety bouquet for your wedding or your table centrepieces to keep your arrangements more simple.

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